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Yacht Transport by Road

Sometimes it is necessary or more cost effective to transport your yacht by land. For yacht transports that can be done by land, we offer yacht trucking. We offer road transport of any distance, ranging from local moves, to cross-country, to international.

We use thoroughly vetted, experienced drivers positioned worldwide. Yacht transport by road requires specific equipment, a highly experienced driver, local permitting and thorough planning. The boat hauling equipment available ranges from tri-axle bunk trailers to specialized lowboy boat haulers for oversized boats with high clearance.

Yacht Transport by Truck – Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you Operate Yacht Transport by Road?

Brooks Yacht Transport can transport yachts by land anywhere in the world. Even though we are physically headquartered in the United States, We have a highly detailed understanding of local and national permitting requirements throughout the world and a network of trusted drivers in over 40 countries. We only work with drivers who are boat transporters by profession We have completed moves everywhere from Europe to Mexico to Australia. We only use highly-vetted drivers who we know well.

How Should I Prepare My Boat for Land Transport?

Please refer to this page for detailed guidance on How to Prepare a Yacht for Transport by truck.

What Is The Process of Transporting a Yacht by Land?

Pre-Yacht Transport

First, we will discuss the details of your transport. The key things that we will need to know are: the measurements of your boat, make and model, timeframe & desired route.

Measuring your boat accurately is vital for us to know if it can or can’t be transported by land legally along your required route. If your yacht is oversized, or will need to travel through cities with many narrow roads or low bridges, we will need to research the transport route & requirements by obtaining permits & perhaps pole cars or police escorts in your locale if they are legally required.

Next, we will send you a quote and then a digital contract once we have confirmed the logistics and timeframe with the driver. Since equipment and drivers are in high demand, we require a 50% deposit to reserve your pick-up-date range on our schedule. Once the contract is signed and we have received the deposit, we will reach out to your marina to introduce ourselves and begin the coordinated process to ensure your boat is ready for transport on pick-up day.

During Yacht Transport

On pick-up day your boat will be loaded and strapped down to the trailer at the marina (or other pick-up location).

The loading process typically takes a couple of hours. The driver would be happy to take a picture of your loaded boat at the marina and send it to you. The driver will provide frequent updates on progress and the condition of the boat throughout the transport.

Once we arrive at your destination, the marina will unload your yacht from the trailer & the process is complete! Enjoy your boat in its new destination.

How Much Does Boat Transport by Truck Cost?

In general, price for yacht trucking is dependent on these two factors: miles from origin to destination and the size and weight of the boat being transported. Additionally, oversized loads (especially being transported through multiple countries or states) become more costly due to the need for permits & pilot cars.

Typically, if you can provide us with the accurate measurements of your yacht, your desired route & timeframe, then we can provide you with a verbal estimate of cost over the phone on our first call. If you submit a quote for yacht transport by land via our form, we will call or e-mail you a quote promptly.

Oversize Boat Transport Yacht Trucking

Yacht Transport in North America

If you are located within the United States or Canada, we can easily schedule Yacht Transport by truck to any destination. If you are ready to start the process, reach out to us to request your quote or contract today!


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