Transporting a Sailboat

Sailboat Transport by Road

We transport many sailboats over the road. We have custom equipment that was designed to transport large sailboats or oversized sailboats by truck. For sailboat transport by road in the United States and Canada, we operate through out sister company, North American Yacht Transport. The This is a picture of a sailboat loaded onto one of our specialized yacht transport trailers – a Waltron 53-foot stretch trailer. This particular trailer has the capacity to transport sailboats as long as 80-feet in length and up to 50 tons in weight. Due to highway regulations, sailboats over 16 feet tall will be more expensive to transport.

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Sailboat Transport by Road – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you load a sailboat onto a trailer?

In order to transport a sailboat by truck, it obviously needs to be loaded in the safest way possible. Remove radar, rigging, winches, wind indicators, and lights from the mast. The mast should not be secured to the boat -there is a space on our trailer for the mast. We will use the travel lift at your marina to load your sailboat onto our trailer for transport.

For boats over 30′ long and 11′ high, remove life lines, stanchions, bow, and stern pulpits if they render the boat over-height.

How Should I Prepare My Boat for Land Transport?

Please refer to this page for detailed guidance on How to Prepare a Yacht for Transport by truck.

Sailboat on the Water for Transport

Sailboat Transport in North America

If you are located within the United States or Canada, we operate through our sister company, North American Yacht Transport. We own our own specialized yacht transport equipment & employ our own drivers.


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