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loading methods

Loading Methods


The Lift On – Lift Off transport method is the most common in the industry. It is straightforward, safe and most cost-effective in many cases. If our team determines that Lift-On, Lift-Off is best for your transport, your yacht will need to be brought shipside, by sea or by truck. Heavy-duty slings are carefully placed under the hull of your boat by professional divers at the instruction of an experienced loadmaster. The loadmaster will have determined the correct lifting points for your hull in advance. At this point, your yacht is slowly and delicately crane-lifted out of the water or truck-bed, and placed on top of a custom built arrangement of lumber and steel stands that cradle the vessel onboard. These cranes are often rated for hundreds of tons of load capacity and can lift your yacht like a feather. Your boat is securely lashed down to the deck and cradle, and the process is simply reversed at your port of destination.


Flatrack shipping is very useful for boats that are shorter than 40 feet, do not exceed height restrictions (which vary by route and ship), and need to be transported along less common routes and schedules. Flatracks are essentially standard 40’ shipping containers without sidewalls and a roof. This allows your yacht’s dimensions to go beyond the parameters of standard shipping containers, but with the same ease of loading. Because of the container-like design, these platforms are available for use on most major shipping lines worldwide, year-round, and at a relatively low cost. Custom-built cradling is provided if necessary.


The Roll-On/Roll-Off transport method is a very attractive shipping option if your yacht is less than 60 feet in length, and less than 15-18 feet in height. In this method, your yacht is wheeled on board the stern ramp of a ship that is specially designed for rolling cargo. Your yacht can be rolled onto the ship on its own trailer, or on top of a specialized rolling flatbed and cradle. Roll-On/Roll-Off is a fantastic method of transport because of the weather protection provided by the boat being enclosed within the ship, the frequency of the ship schedules, and the fact it’s generally the most cost-effective method of transport if possible for your yacht!


The Break Bulk (otherwise known as Out-of-Gauge) transport method is utilized when a yacht must be shipped on board a container or “break bulk” liner vessel due to route or season, but the yacht’s dimensions make standard container or Flatrack loading impossible. In this case, your yacht is lifted by the same means as the Lift-On/Lift-Off method onto a platform between rows of containers for safety, or directly onto the deck of the ship in its own custom-built steel cradle.


The Float-On/Float-Off yacht transport method is done with the use of semi-submersible vessels. These ships are engineering marvels that were originally designed to transport and launch oil rigs, but have since been utilized to transport a variety of cargo that is simply too large or heavy to be safely lifted by cranes, and must be floated over the submerged deck of these very special ships. Due to the fascinating coverage of many of these operations, our customers will often ask if this method would be best for their yacht. This method is great for megayachts that cannot be lifted safely, but this transport method is actually not necessary for most yachts. Most yachts, including many superyachts, can be safely lifted on a traditional cargo vessel at a lesser cost. There are, however, some instances where this transport method is cost effective and convenient, in which case we are happy to offer it as one of our many options!


For yacht transports that can be done by land, we offer yacht trucking. This ranges from tri-axle bunk trailers to specialized lowboy boat haulers for oversized boats with high clearance. Trucking is often required for domestic yacht transport, due to The Jones Act (Merchant Marine Act of 1920), which prohibits ocean freight to be delivered between U.S. ports if the ship is not U.S. built, U.S. flag, and fully crewed and supported by U.S. labor. We offer road transport of any distance, ranging from local moves, to cross-country, to international. We have thoroughly vetted, experienced drivers positioned in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Europe.


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transport methods

Transportation Methods

We leverage industry best-practices and cutting-edge technology, but we don’t believe in standardized factory methods. No two boats are alike. We consider the logistics of each and every boat from every angle, making sure there will be no surprises along the journey to your destination. From loading, to transport, to unloading, we handle every detail. If you have a boat, Brooks Yacht Transport can ship it. We will find the safest and most cost effective method for shipping your boat.