British Columbia, Canada

If you wish to use yacht transport to British Columbia, Canada – we can help!

We can do yacht transport no matter where you are hauling your boat from, whether it be in the US in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, or outside of the US from the Mediterranean. If the yacht is of legal road size, we can transport it by truck anywhere in the US or Canada. See our page on yacht transport by land for more information on yacht trucking. For oversized yachts headed towards the west coast of Canada, we are able to ship yachts by ocean liner.

Yacht Transport Victoria

Boating in the Pacific Northwest offers the “quintessential Canadian experience”. Victoria is the southernmost major city in Western Canada, and is home to Victoria Harbour, British Columbia, where most of our Canada Yacht Transports take place.  Victoria is known for its beautiful waters, perfect for sailing with beautiful locations such as The Gippsland Lakes where you can see exceptional bird life and find the best fishing spots.

Yacht Transport Vancouver

Vancouver is a well known yachting destination on the west coast of Canada. Yacht transport to Vancouver can put you right between all the action of the downtown area with a multicultural mix of restaurants and bars, and the breathtaking sights of forests, mountains, and long coastlines along the Pacific Ocean. We do frequent boat hauling to this area, and would be happy to transport your yacht along with us!

Shipping your boat anywhere, any size, any time, with the customer experience you deserve.

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Why Brooks Yacht Transport Is Different

We see these as our main competitive differentiators in the Yacht Transport Industry.


Moving a yacht is not like moving other cargo. We are NOT a general cargo shipping company, we are yacht and boat specialists and we will know how to properly prepare your boat for safe transport.


We are a customer service company FIRST and a transport company second. We love working with superyachts and megayachts, but unlike other companies, we give as much attention to any boat, regardless of the size.


We are able to utilize any ship out there; we aren’t limited to only providing you with the sailing dates of our own ships like many other larger yacht transporters in the market.

Brooks Yacht Transport is the Best!

Red Flags To Look For When Selecting a Yacht Transporter

If you are considering other transporters, make sure to address these questions when you are evaluating.


We see this happen all time time and it only happens for two reasons:

The transporter isn’t experienced enough to accurately determine the permits needed to move your boat. In this case, they will realize their mistake and hit you with extra charges and delays.

Or even worse, some transporters may not intend on obtaining said permits – known as “bootlegging,” it means that they are intending to do the transport without permits or any necessary escorts, and they may not even be licensed transport carriers.


If you are speaking with a transporter who isn’t adamant about knowing the exact height and width of your boat, chances are they are inexperienced & will not show up with the right equipment for moving your boat, leading to delays and new costs.

If you are speaking to other yacht transporters, try to deduce whether they are highly trained and experienced at boat transporting. A good transporter should also have an extensive knowledge of the interstate highway system as it pertains to transporting boats to avoid any harm or delays during your yacht transport.


Yacht transport is extremely specialized – it requires specialized equipment to be done safely and responsible drivers who has worked with boats their entire career. You should select a transporter that specializes in moving yachts, not other cargo.

Since it is all that they do, An experienced yacht transporter will have experience working with The DOT, State Permitting Departments, marinas, boat yards and ports, guaranteeing a seamlessly organized and well-planned transport.