Yacht Transport Croatia

Yacht Transport Croatia

If you are trying to leave the heat of Ft. Lauderdale, Miami or Sydney behind this summer, consider transporting your yacht to the Mediterranean. The Med’s sailing destinations are second to none, and you’ll be sure to make memories that will last you a lifetime. We will be featuring our favorite yachting and sailing destinations in the Mediterranean throughout the summer, starting with Croatia.

If you are interested in yacht transport from Croatia to the US, or from the us to Croatia we would be doing a yacht transport by ocean liner. If you need to move your yacht from inland or western regions of North America to an east coast port for ocean transport, we would be more than happy to discuss the option of moving a yacht by truck.

Exploring Croatia by Yacht

Croatia is so unique in its history and landscape – it never disappoints and is one of our favorite destinations. Sailing along the Adriotic coast, you can expect to see everything from ancient Roman structures, remote pebble beaches and remnants from the country’s last civil war. The Dalmatian Coast is comprised of more than a thousand untouched and uncommercialized islands that are each unique and spectacular to explore by boat. Must-see islands are: Susak, Rab, Silba, Šolta & Murter. If you are a Game of Thrones fan (or not), you must make sure to visit Dubrovnik – the city is detached from the rest of Croatia and can only be reached by boat (or a drive through Bosnia) and is spectacular.

Boating & Yachting in Croatia

Split is Croatia’s major port city and a fantastic location to dock. In order to enjoy the peak summer excitement of the country, the ideal time to transport your yacht or sailboat to Croatia spans from May to the first week of September at the latest. After the first week of September things slow down – restaurants & beaches thin out significantly, businesses close and the experience is overall much quieter.

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