Yacht Transport to Ensenada, Mexico

Yacht Transport Ensenada

Only 70-miles South of the Mexico-US border, Ensenada, Mexico is one of the hottest locations for yacht transport. Ensenada is both a destination in itself, and also an easy starting point for piloting your yacht up the coast of California to its final destination.

Ensenada has many marinas to choose from, and an amenable climate for cruising. It is worth spending time to get to know the region. Due to its popularity for pleasure cruising, if you are considering yacht transport to Ensenada, it is wise to reserve a spot in one of the city’s full-service marinas in as much advance as possible. Some of the marinas even have 5-star resorts attached which you as a marina guest would have access to.

From Ensenada, you can either sail South towards Cabo San Lucas or up the coast towards San Diego. Here is some great information on sailing South towards Cabo.

Yacht Transport To California Via Ensenada

When a yacht is too large to be moved by truck across the country, we often recommend to our customers the option of yacht transport to Ensenada if their final destination is California.

There is a legal reason for this. Yacht transporters cannot ship a yacht from a port in Florida to a port in California due to the Jones Act, which says that one cannot ship between two American ports unless using a ship that was built in the USA, fully crewed by US citizens and was flagged and registered in the USA. Therefore, for oversized yachts, we will transport to Ensenada via ocean liner and then have your yacht piloted up the coast from Ensenada to your desired destination in California or even farther north to Seattle or Victoria, British Colombia.

Due to the fact that yacht inventory is higher in Southern California, this is a very common scenario. Many of our customers who are based on the West coast purchase large yachts from the East Coast and have them shipped to California via Ensenada.

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