The Great Lakes

Boat Transport – The Great Lakes

Our drivers are constantly hauling boats in the great lakes area: Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Our drivers have decades of over-the-road, accident-free experience, and have hauled just about every kind of boat imaginable.

yacht transport chicago

Boat Transport Chicago

Due to the weather on Lake Michigan, many boat owners claim that the minimum length boat you want as a Chicago resident is 25 ft. – there is even a saying: “25 to stay alive.” Since many of our customers in Chicago own large sailboats or large power boats, we get many calls for boat transport out of the Chicago area. Our specialized boat transport equipment is perfect for oversized or oversized yachts. If you need boat transport to Chicago, or boat transport from Chicago going elsewhere, we are here to help!

Boat Transport Michigan

If day sailing on Lake Michigan in the summer your dream activity? Then you may be considering purchasing a boat. We have many customers from Michigan who purchase boats from California or Florida, where the inventory is higher (and prices competitive) and then use our boat transport by road service to being their new boat safely to Michigan. Sailing around the islands in Northern Michigan is an absolute must.

Yacht transport michigan map
boat transport minnesota

Boat Transport  Minnesota

Sailing is one of the most rewarding ways to spend time outdoors. Minnesotans will tell you that boating on Lake Superior is not for the faint of heart – the storm winds can be harsh. Pay attention to the whether forecast and it should be smooth sailing. If you need your boat transported to Minnesota from anywhere in the US, we would be happy to help!

Boat Transport Wisconsin

Do you need boat transport in Milwaukee? If so, we can help!

yacht transport great lakes

Types of Boats we transport in the Great Lakes area

Our Great Lakes customers typically fall into two categories. First, there are boat owners who are moving their boats from the Great Lakes area to other parts of the US, Canada, or even abroad. The second category are boat owners who need a boat transport service because they are purchasing a boat in another state (usually Florida), and transporting their new boat to the great lakes.

Either way, if you need a boat transported to or from the great lakes region, your best option is boat transport by road.

Racing Boats for Transport

Sailboat Transport

If you are transporting a sailboat, we can help ensure that all standing and mast rigging is properly removed so that the boat can be prepared for safe transport. Learn more here about preparing a sailboat for transport.

Rope on a Yacht

Racing Boat Transport

Whether you are heading to the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, or the Great Lakes Grand Prix, the experts at Brooks Yacht Transport are here to ensure that your boat reaches the destination safely in time for the event.

Oversize Boat Transport Yacht Trucking

Power Boat Transport

Motor yachts under a certain height are great candidates for yacht transport by road. We specialize in larger power boats and have all the specialized equipment to move them down the road safely.

We are here to answer your questions. Contact us today!

Why Brooks Yacht Transport Is Different

We see these as our main competitive differentiators in the Yacht Transport Industry.


Moving a yacht is not like moving other cargo. We are NOT a general cargo shipping company, we are yacht and boat specialists and we will know how to properly prepare your boat for safe transport.


We are a customer service company FIRST and a transport company second. We love working with superyachts and megayachts, but unlike other companies, we give as much attention to any boat, regardless of the size.


We are able to utilize any ship out there; we aren’t limited to only providing you with the sailing dates of our own ships like many other larger yacht transporters in the market.